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Why Choose HerWay?

HerWay's innovative approach to dating, similar to the Sadie Hawkins dance, ensures women control the action by restricting men from searching, while allowing women to browse for men anonymously.
Guys - no more wasted time chasing. It's 5 times more likely you'll actually meet her when she makes the first move. Women know what they want and Profile Performance shows you what that is.
Ladies - there are plenty of options to choose from. Men are excited to join HerWay and are waiting for you to connect with them! In fact, over half of the members who join HerWay are men.

HerWay Gossip

"There are tons of guys on there... and the men on this site know that [women] have to make the move, so suddenly it's acceptable!"
– Glamour
"No more weird, unwanted online stalkers. Yay! ...fun and easy to use."
– The Frisky
"This strikes me as a very good idea, an online dating site where the women are in control."
– Silicon Angle
"...HW sets itself apart by only allowing the fairer sex to search for/initiate conversation with potential hookups."
– Thrillist
"Empowering women on dating sites, what a crazy idea. Except its not, it's brilliant..."
– Online Dating Insider

HerWay's Features

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